Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is one of the few remaining undeveloped coastal areas in Southern England. Bright wide expanses and intricate creeks are at the same time a major wildlife haven and among some of Britain’s most popular boating waters. This unique area has quite rightly been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Chichester Harbour

Bird Watching With more than 55,000 either resident or passing through Chichester Harbour each year you are very likely to see some birds on any visit to the Harbour.

The Enjoying Wildlife page will give you ideas for the best places to visit.Throughout the winter months, the Conservancy organise weekly walks and bird watching boat trips where you can watch the birds with a knowledgeable guide. These activities are suitable for amateur and experienced birdwatchers.

Why not join in protecting and maintaining your Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)? There are a whole range of opportunities including a variety of practical outdoors tasks. We would like to encourage everyone that loves and enjoys Chichester Harbour AONB to become Friend of Chichester Harbour

To visit the harbour in a sustainable way, see for ideas of walks or try out the Salterns Way cycle route. The route starts in Chichester and winds through the countryside ending at the beach at West

Chichester Harbour has been given several designations as international, European and national level in recognition of the significance of the wildlife of the harbour

Picturesque creekside villages encircle the shoreline, which straddles the boundary of West Sussex and Hampshire counties. These range from the vibrant village of Emsworth, to the beautifully quiet hamlet of Prinsted and historic Dell Quay.

The harbour has an average of 52,500 waterfowl each year. That makes it the most important single site on the south coast of England for these birds. It has internationally important numbers of 5 species of wildfowl and waders It is nationally important for at least 8 further species