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Visit our east beach pond a haven for wildlife and take a stroll around this haven, a great place to walk your children or dog. Maybe sit a while with a nice cup of tea from the refreshment bar. Walk along the promonade and see the moored boats or visit the lifeboat house.Play or sit on the beach. with so many options the time just runs out and you will wish to come again

East Beach

Selsey, at the southernmost point of the Manhood Peninsula, south of Chichester, is known for its crabs and lobsters and for its varied bird life. At the southern end of the beach is a narrow, metal pier, at the end of which is a lifeboat station. The village offers a choice of beaches. The long area of shingle stretching up the east side of the headland from the lifeboat station towards Pagham Harbour Reserve, is backed by a narrow promenade and is interspersed with wooden groynes. The land here is low-lying and is at risk from flooding. There are many submerged rock formations off the headland. Towards the top end of the beach, just south of Pagham Lagoon is a long spit of shingle which is of significant geological interest. The village of Selsey has a long history of fishing and still has its own fleet. Some limited facilities can be found here. There are more extensive facilities in Chichester.The local club for model boats are often to be seen floating the models on the pond and trying to avoid the swans

A Place For People and Wildlife

A Place For People and Wildlife Located to the east of Selsey between Beach and East Beach Roads. Wheelchair and pushchair user friendly paths encircle the pond with seating and picnic tables available.In 2010 and 2011 the area was awarded“Gold” in the South East in Bloom Conservation Area category and the Green Pennant. Historically the site was marshy and a part of Selsey Common. The tram line between Chichester and Selsey ran to the south side in the area of the solid footpath.‘Beach’ station (built 1898) was approximately where the play area is today. In 2003 the pond was enlarged to cope with the increase of surface water following the further growth of Selsey. The pond and car park, if necessary, acting as water storage “tanks”.

The mature Black Poplar tree seen on the island was once on the bank of the original pond. 2004, continue to manage the pond site, working with representatives from Chichester District Council and Selsey Town Council, for the benefit of wildlife and the community. Peole having a picnic or peacefully sitting,Willows being coppiced by local fishermen for their baskets.

The Selsey Model Boat Club launching their boats on a Sunday and Wednesday morning, Community Schools pond dipping, Wildfowl including Mallards, Mute Swans, Canada Geese, Heron,Common Gulls. Occasional visitors are Mandarin, Widgeon, Kingfisher and Water Rail. Bats, including the Pipistrelle Dragonflies and Damsels.

And if you sit quietly you may be rewarded by a glimpse of one of Britain’ most endangered mammals, the very timid Water Vole